A Guide To Bathtub Types And The Benefits

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Are you planning on remodeling your bathroom? You will be combing through various models, materials, and color swatches until you find the perfect fit for the bathroom of your dreams. One of the biggest parts of remodeling the bathroom will be the bathtub or shower that you choose.  Luckily, due to a variety of available tub manufacturers, there are multiple types that will fit into your preferences and budget. Some of the most used types of bathtubs are:


A general purpose bathtub is just what the name implies: it is a tub in its most basic form. The depth of the tub ranges as with all types, but the general usually isn't deep enough for the average sized adult to completely immerse in the water. Since the general purpose comes in smaller depths, it is easier for familes and kids. It is easier for young kids to climb in and out and more convenient for parents to kneel aside the tub and bathe the kids or even pets.


Have you ever used a clawfoot bathtub? That is the perfect example of a soaking tub. The tub is usually several inches deep and that allows for your body to be completely submerged in the water. You may find it extremely comforting to soak your entire body in warm water, rather than trying to struggle with it which may happen when using some of the general purpose bathtubs.


A whirpool bathtub is a more luxurious type of tub than the previous ones. This is because the bathtub has special jets positioned stragtegically throughout the tub. When the jets are turned on, the water is pushed and stirred and creates a mini whirpool effect in the bathtub. Many people use this type of bathtub to help deal with pain or stress.


The walk-in bathtub is a fairly new type of bathtub than the other types. The bathtub looks like a deep soaking tub but it has a special door installed on one side of the bathtub. It is ideal for elderly or disabled people who have diffiuclty climbing into bathtubs. Hospitals also use walk-in tubs for patients who are in pain or even a birthing mother who wishes to use it for a water birth. You would think that a door a bathtub would lead to serious leaks, but the door has a special seal that enables to tub to be filled without worrying about water spilling out.

As you can see, there are many choices when it comes to the bathtubs. When you do choose which type, you will also need to decide on the materials you want - like acrylic or fiberglass - and see how that benefits your choice. You will also need to research install methods, such as platform or alcove, and which will fit better in your bathroom. For more information, contact bathtub manufacturers like Boca Walk-In Tubs.


25 August 2017

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