College Neighborhood Laundromat: Ownership Tips

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College neighborhoods can be a fertile, receptive area for a laundromat business. With students and their visitors nearby, machines can stay full if you've got smart ideas to keep attracting customers and their laundry. Brainstorming ideas and ensuring the following features will help.

Machine Variety

Laundromat equipment is a necessity of course, but to make your place a hotspot, your machines must meet the needs of your clientele. Students may wash just a couple towels or everything in their dorm room, depending on their schedule and the change they've got. Provide large washers for blankets and comforters and high-speed dryers that can handle their loads, but also have cheaper, smaller equipment around for those who just need to launder a few items.

Leisure Space

Everyone needs to get their clothes cleaned, and as they're waiting for the machines, they need a way to pass that time. You can earn a regular customer base by turning your business into a destination and not just a place to pass through by adding some leisure space. Some soft chairs, sofas and desks can give students a place to talk or work. A television can make the place fun on sports nights or award show nights.

Seek feedback about what type of space might be needed or wanted. If space allows, for example, you may add some video games or a pool table. People will be happy to visit your laundromat instead of the competition if you give them somewhere worth spending their time.

Drop-Off, Folding and Ironing Services

Good equipment and a great environment can bring people in, but excellent service is important too. Students and visitors may be willing to spend more money if you're willing to consider what else you can help them with. For example, students might be eager for a drop-off service so that you handle their laundry and they pick it up at a designated time. They may hope someone can iron their clothing for special events on campus. The more services you offer, the more business you'll do.

Ideas like these attract and encourage everyone in the college area to frequent your small laundromat. By talking with students, visitors and even faculty members at the nearby school, your ability to serve the community will increase. Form a strong, working relationship with equipment vendors and repair technicians, such as from Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales Inc. , to ensure machines can keep up with you and your group of customers.


2 October 2017

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