3 Important Steps When Separating Metals To Get The Most Cash

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With the price of metal going up, you want to get in on the green recycling trend. Today, some of the metals that you throw out with the trash could be very valuable. If you are just getting into recycling, you will want to know how to separate valuable metals to get the most cash for your recycling efforts. Here are a few simple steps to follow to ensure you get the most out of scrap metal recycling:

1. Get A Good Magnet to Separate Non-Ferrous Metals

The first step in organizing your scrap metal is separating the non-ferrous from the ferrous metals. The non-ferrous materials are the most valuable, while the ferrous materials will be things like tin and steal, which are far less valuable. It is important to not disregard any materials because sometimes what seems like steel or tin may be valuable alloys. To separate the metals, simply test them with a magnet, which will be attracted to the ferrous materials.

2. Separate Aluminum and Alloys from Tin Materials

It is also a good idea to separate materials like aluminum and alloys. The purest aluminum will be lighter than alloys that have heavier metals in them. Solid cast aluminum like what you may find in old car parts will be the most valuable, while sheet metal for things like old gutters, siding and other building products will be less valuable. In addition, metals like stainless steel and galvanized materials should be separated in their own pile.

3. Organizing Copper and Brass Materials by Color and Purity

The most valuable metal that you will find to recycle is copper. The purity of the metal is important and you will want to separate copper and brass by their color. The reddest colored materials will be the purest and most valuable, while the materials that are more yellowish will be less valuable. With brass, you will want to keep the red brass materials separate, because they have a higher percentage of copper in them and are more valuable. It is important to recycle the brass because it is heavy and will add up quickly when you take it to the recycling center to get cash for it.

These are a few tips that will help you get the most out of scrap metal recycling. Contact a scrap metal recycling service for prices and metals that you can take in to get cash for. You can also check out a website like http://www.bigdaddyscrap.com for more information. 


22 October 2017

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