Helicopter Charters And Their Benefits

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Chartered helicopters are now available as travel options. However, many people know little about this specialized form of transportation. Here is a bit of information about helicopter charters and their uses:

What Is a Helicopter Charter?

A chartered helicopter is a mode of air travel designed to take a traveler from one specific point to another. Unlike an aircraft that may be relegated to only transfer passengers from one airport to another, a helicopter offers a wider range of specific destination points.

Passengers can board or disembark the helicopter on a rooftop, a helipad, or a specific area of private property -- as long as the space is accommodating. This flexibility is especially desirable for frequent travelers and those with time constraints. The travelers do not have to use multiple modes of transportation, such as a plane and taxi, to reach their destination.

Are There Multiple Types of Charters for Helicopters?

A helicopter can be chartered for multiple reasons; thus, the types of charters available may be specific to the needs and purposes of the traveler. If a traveler is attempting to fly alone from one point to another, a private individual charter may be selected. However, in some instances, such as a family vacation, multiple passengers may secure a group charter. 

Is a Helicopter a Comfortable Means of Travel?

Chartered helicopters often include club seating for a comfortable ride. Additionally, passengers may be supplied with noise reduction headphones to ensure greater comfort.

What Are Some Additional Benefits of Traveling by Helicopter?

Traveling by helicopter offers several additional benefits, such as:

  • Time savings. When a person travels by plane or car, they may experience a layover or lengthy travel time. Additionally, with helicopter travel, the time spent at the airport check-in counter is also eliminated.
  • Greater productivity. With less time spent traveling, more work can be performed at the office. Key members of your staff can leave and return to the office during the same workday.
  • Less stress. The comfort and convenience of helicopter travel can help lessen the stress associated with travel. Without being subject to traffic jams and airport terminals, helicopter travelers arrive at their destinations with ease.
  • Better views. Helicopters offer beautiful aerial views, making them suitable for business and private purposes. Some charter services even offer helicopter tours.

If you are planning an upcoming business or personal trip and would like to charter a helicopter, contact a helicopter charter service in your local area. You can also visit sites like lightflighthelicopters.com for more information.


30 April 2019

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