3 Easy Ways to Expand the Menu Offerings at Your Pizza Restaurant

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Are you looking for ways to add menu offerings for customers without having to expand your whole kitchen too? Here are a few easy things you can do to get the results you're looking for:

Make Customization Easy

One easy way to expand your menu offerings without actually having to put more items on the menu is to make customization easy for your customers. Instead of creating new pizzas to put on the menu, offer a build-it-yourself option by allowing customers to choose the type of dough they want, the kinds of toppings they want on their pies.

You can charge a separate fee for the dough and for each topping that your customers choose to configure the cost of each customized pizza. Or you can charge a flat fee for each customized pizza based on the number of toppings. Your customized pizza options make your menu seem bigger, but they'll give your customers peace of mind in knowing that they can maintain full control over their toppings and their budgets.

Offer Some Weekly Specials

Offering your customers some weekly specials to choose from is another easy way to make your menu seem bigger without actually having to maintain a larger menu on a daily basis. Ask your chef to come up with just one or two specialty options for the restaurant each week that will be easy for them and their team to put together while maintaining your regular menu.

Every time your regular customers come in to eat at your restaurant, they will always have something new to choose from. Nobody should ever get bored with your menu, yet they'll know they can always count on their same favorite options being available during their visits.

Feature a Commercial Cooler Display

Featuring a commercial cooler display in the reception or dining area of your pizza restaurant is one of the most effective ways to expand your menu items without making too much work for your chefs and cooks while the kitchen is open. Filling the three-door commercial display cooler up with grab-and-go items will give your customers more options to choose from when they visit and make life easier for everyone from the servers to the cooks during business hours.

Instead of making your kitchen crew put together salads for to-go orders as they come in, your customers can order their pizza to go and get their salad out of the display cooler themselves. Making extra sauces available in the display cooler can help reduce the workload of your servers too. You can pre-make sandwiches and baked goods that might be on your menu to feature in your display cooler too.


26 August 2019

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