3 Signs It Is Time To Replace Your Commercial Washing Machines At Your Laundromat

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Of all of the equipment pieces inside of your laundromat that are important, your commercial washing machines are perhaps the most important, and these equipment pieces are your company's biggest investment without a question. Even though commercial machines are designed to outlast any standard washing machine, they will eventually need to be replaced to keep things operating smoothly in your place of business. Far too many laundromat owners forgo replacement for far beyond what they should, which can have a detrimental impact on the business. Here is a look at some of the signs it is time to replace your commercial washing machines. 

Your machines are not high-efficiency machines. 

Take a look at a modern washing machine compared to something from ten years ago, and you are going to see one drastic difference: modern washing machines are designed to be highly efficient. In other words, great strides have been taken to make sure modern units do not use near as many resources to function. For example, a modern washing machine may be able to wash a load of laundry by using half as much water and only a fraction of the electricity. If the washing machines you have in your laundromat are not high-efficiency models, it is a good sign it is time to get some replacements. 

Your customers are complaining about the functions of the machines. 

The machine took their money, the machine did not spin the clothes out properly, the machine got stuck just before a spin cycle—these are common complaints with outdated commercial laundry equipment. If you are getting these kinds of complaints on a regular basis, you are probably using equipment that should have already been replaced. Not only can problems like these deter laundromat customers, but they can also mean you have more issues with downtime. 

Your machines cannot accept digital currency. 

In the modern world, more people carry a card in their pocket than money or quarters. If all of your laundry equipment only accepts change, you probably have outdated units. Some of the best commercial machines, such as OPL commercial washing machines, have onboard card readers so they can accept digital currency in the form of a debit or credit card. This feature can be super convenient for customers who do not usually have cash on hand. They can simply swipe their card to get the machine started and get their laundry washed instead of having to go to an ATM to pull off cash and then getting change.  

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9 October 2019

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