Co-Signing A Bail Bond: What You Need To Know First

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When you find out that your loved one has been arrested and booked, it can be a terrible feeling. You begin to panic and wonder what you can do to help. Obviously, you wonder how you can get them out of jail. One thing that comes to mind is a bail bond, which would possibly require you to co-sign a bond. However, this is not a small favor. There are risks and rights that you assume in doing so. Before you agree to co-sign a bail bond for a loved one, here are a few things you should be aware of regarding the process.

You Are Agreeing Your Loved One (The Defendant) Will Appear in Court As Required

When you choose to sign a bail bond, you are taking a huge risk for your loved one. There is a lot on the line here, including your collateral and credit. In the event that your loved one, who is the defendant in all of this, chooses to not show up to court when they are required to, there is a huge problem. If you're worried in the slightest that they may not appear in court, then you may want to consider an alternative option to help your loved one out.

You Are Agreeing to Pay for the Bondsman's Services

As a co-signer, you can choose to pay for the services of the bondsman upfront or work with them to create a payment arrangement, if permitted. Just remember that there will be a fee for their services.

Your Loved One Will Be Released from Jail

The primary reason for working with a bail bonds agent is to have your loved one released from jail. If you have any real concerns about this happening, then you need to discuss these with the bail bondsman. They will be able to sit down with you and clarify any concerns that you have so that you understand the process, including the potential loss of your collateral, assets, and credit.

You Can Set Certain Stipulations for the Bail

As the co-signer of the bond, you have the legal right to set stipulations in the bond agreement. For instance, if your loved one was arrested for a DUI and you have been trying to get them help for years, you can request that they be placed into a substance abuse treatment program when they are released from jail. This allows you to bail your loved one out of jail while also ensuring that they get the help that they've been needing for some time.

If your loved one has been arrested and you want to help them get out of jail, contact a bail bonding company in your area for help.


4 August 2020

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