3 Kid-Approved Things To Do With Delicious, Grade A Vermont Maple Syrup

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Pancakes topped with maple syrup and butter are a breakfast treat that many families enjoy at least a few times each year. But limiting the use of maple syrup solely to the breakfast table means missing out on many more delicious ways to utilize it. 

If your family loves maple syrup and you would like to include it in more recipes, here are some kid-approved ideas you will want to try soon.

Make your next batch of popcorn something special

Pairing sweet and salty foods to create a delicious treat is the basis of many popular family snacks, especially those for youngsters. Popcorn is a prime example of this type of sweet and salty snack. Traditionally, popcorn balls and caramel corn recipes used a mixture of brown sugar and corn syrup to achieve the level of sweetness and stickiness needed for this popular snack. Using maple syrup to replace both brown sugar and corn syrup can make your homemade popcorn treats taste even more delicious while retaining their ability to hold their shape and texture.

Replace the molasses in that traditional cookie recipe

If your kids are fond of homemade molasses cookies, you will want to try using maple syrup as a replacement for the molasses in your next batch. Like molasses, a good quality maple syrup provides just the right level of sweetness and moisture to make a deliciously soft and delicate texture with the recognizable cracked appearance of a traditional molasses cookie. 

Let the kids make their own snow candy 

Kids are typically excited when school is canceled. Unfortunately, parents are likely to be less enthusiastic because they know their kids will quickly get bored without their normal school day structure. Fortunately, parents can use maple syrup, along with the freshly fallen snow, as a boredom prevention exercise to help kids stay engaged and interested for hours. Snow candy has been made for many years by bringing maple syrup to a boil, allowing it to cool to room temperature, and then pouring it onto a thick layer of clean snow. 

During the pouring process, kids can form fun shapes and designs. As the syrup cools, the texture solidifies and becomes chewy and delicious. Parents who can't or do not wish to use snow can substitute finely grated or shaved ice to get the same effect. 

For even more delicious ideas, contact a company that supplies syrups like grade A Vermont maple syrup.


25 February 2021

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