Essential Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Parts to Have On Hand

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Since vacuum cleaners are needed so often, the parts that keep the machines running smoothly can eventually break down and require replacement. While meticulous maintenance is necessary to allow your vacuum to stay in excellent condition, certain parts will inevitably have to be restored after years of use. To help your vacuum remain operational, it's a good idea to pick up some extra parts and add them to your toolbox in case of an emergency. The following vacuum cleaner parts are essential to have on hand at all times to ensure that you can make a quick repair whenever necessary. 

1) Motor  

The motor is one of the most vital parts of your vacuum cleaner. The motor ensures that the vacuum has enough suction power to adequately clean a floor area of any size. Without a fully operational motor, your vacuum will fail to do its job at all. In fact, ignoring a fading vacuum motor can destroy the whole machine if the part is not replaced right away. Before that happens, however, you should purchase the proper replacement motor for your vacuum. Be sure to buy the correct motor and any mounting brackets necessary for the style of your vacuum, as upright vacuums require different motors than canister vacuums do.

2) Belt  

Another vacuum cleaner part that frequently breaks down is the belt. This part is required to keep the brush roller on your vacuum moving over a variety of surfaces, including carpets and tile floors. Smelling burning rubber while vacuuming is the first clue that the belt probably needs to be urgently replaced. The good news is that vacuum cleaner belts are usually very inexpensive and easy to install, so it won't cost you a great deal of money to have a few replacement belts available. As with the motor, be careful to order the right belt for your specific vacuum style and model. 

3) Brush Strip

The brush strip on your vacuum cleaner allows your machine to conduct a deep cleaning. The bristles are meant to pick up the smallest of particles or dirt on the floor. If the brush strip is damaged, you'll need to replace the part quickly for your vacuum to continue performing at optimal levels. Otherwise, you will have to make multiple passes over the same section of floor to sufficiently clean the area, forcing your vacuum to work too hard. This can lead to more extensive repairs later or an entire breakdown of your machine. Having at least one replacement brush strip handy is an important step for maintaining your vacuum.

By taking the time to stock up on the parts described above, your vacuum will never be out of commission for very long. You can reach out to a manufacturer for more information about where and how to purchase Hoover vacuum replacement parts.


26 March 2021

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