Look Out For These Warning Signs That Indicate Your Centrifuge Is In Need Of Repair

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Does your company use a centrifuge machine as part of its manufacturing or assembly process? This centrifuge is likely a key part of keeping your entire production line moving, so hopefully, you are doing what you can to provide regular maintenance and keep it in good condition. But even with maintenance, your machinery will develop wear and tear over time and eventually reach a point where a repair becomes necessary. How can you tell if your production line's centrifuge needs to be looked at by a centrifuge repair expert? Here are some warning signs to keep an eye out for.

Some Noise Is Expected, Loud or Heavy Shaking Is Not

Of course, you expect there to be some noise while the centrifuge and the rest of your line is doing its job. But there's a big difference between a centrifuge that is functioning properly and one that is on the verge of a breakdown. If your centrifuge seems to be vibrating heavily, shut the system down until an expert can look at it. Any type of heavy shaking or loud rumbling noises means something is very wrong and you might be at risk of having the entire system go out on you. Train your employees to monitor the day-to-day sounds of the machinery and to push the stop button to power things down the first time they hear something wrong.

The Temperature Spiking Unexpectedly or Dropping Far Below Normal Operating Level

A centrifuge machine will typically operate at a specific set temperature, with some leeway given on either side. If the temperature of your centrifuge suddenly spikes or it drops far below the usual level, shut the system down and contact a repair service. A centrifuge that gets too hot could suffer additional damage or even cause a fire if left running in this elevated state.

Rattling May Mean a Part Needs Repaired But Make Sure You Get to It Quickly

In addition to listening for vibrations, you should also watch out for any rattling noises from within the centrifuge. A heavy vibration could mean the entire system is out of alignment, but a rattling noise could indicate that one specific part has broken loose. One loose part isn't a cause for serious concern, but if the system isn't shut down and repaired, that loose part could go flying through the internal machinery and cause additional damage that will cost you much more to repair.

Contact a centrifuge repair service to learn more.


19 July 2021

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