5 Benefits Of Gutter Covers

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Gutter covers should be installed over most roof gutter systems. Although they do not completely eliminate the need for proper gutter maintenance, they do reduce it as well as provide many other benefits.

1. Low Maintenance

Gutter covers do not create a no-maintenance gutter, but your gutters will require much less maintenance than a standard, uncovered guttering option. Leaves and other debris will not collect in the gutter, but they can get stuck on the surface of the mesh covers. This is especially prevalent in fall when large amounts of leaves are dropping. Fortunately, you can easily sweep them off the surface of the covers while standing on the ground simply by using a long-handled brush.

2. Fewer Clogs

Less debris in the gutters means fewer clogs. This is especially noticeable when it comes to the downspouts since many gutter overflow problems are a result of obstructions inside the narrow downspout lengths that are difficult to access and clean out. Simply make sure that the covers you choose for your gutters extend over the downspout in order to make sure you have full clog protection. 

3. Pest Prevention

Pests can wreak havoc with your gutters. Larger pest animals, such as squirrels and birds, can block gutters and downspouts with food caches and nests. Gutter covers keep these larger pests out. Standing water in gutters from blockages and debris buildup can lead to mosquito spawning grounds. Covers stop blockages and reduce standing water, which lowers the mosquito population. 

4. Cleaner Water

If you catch rooftop water in rain barrels for garden irrigation or other uses around the home, then gutter covers are a must. They act as a filter that will keep large debris out of your rain barrels. This means fewer clogs in the hose systems and drains on the barrels, as well as less endpoint filtration on water that is slated for potable usage. 

5. Longer Gutter Life

Modern gutters should last decades when kept properly clean. Frequent clogs can increase the chances of gutter leaks, as well as damages that may lead to rust or corrosion. With fewer clogs, the gutters will not be as prone to damages, which means they will have a longer service life. This saves you both the time and money of replacing your gutters. 

Contact a gutter service to learn more about the gutter cover options, such as the Gator Gutter Guard, that are available. 


23 August 2021

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