4 Common Fire Door Problems Professional Inspectors Help You Detect

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A fire door is one of the most important passive fire protection systems in any building or structure. That is because they reduce the spread of smoke and fire from one part of the building to another, facilitating safe egress. However, if your property has fire doors, there's one thing you should expect to face at least once: problems that demand expert repairs. Some of these are outlined below.

1. Faulty smoke or fire seals

Fire doors are fitted with seals designed to prevent fire and smoke from escaping. These are installed between the door and its frame where gaps are common. By fixing such spaces, seals play a vital part in keeping fire and its destructive properties contained in one area. Plus, quality fire door seals expand under fire, optimizing protection. But they cannot do that if they are incorrectly designed or fitted. That is why you must ensure the components installed around your door or frame are the right ones, of the correct material,  and in the best condition.

2. Failure to shut properly

Fire doors can only prevent smoke and fire from spreading when they are closed. Whereas sometimes you may need to wedge them open as you move items in and out of the area, leaving them that way is inadvisable since you may suffer penalties if you put someone's life at risk by doing that. Remember, fire can break out when you least expect it, and you need to take appropriate steps to ensure you and other residents are safe.

3. Incorrectly-fitted fire doors

If your building's fire door seals are installed improperly, they will likely leave gaps. That allows toxic fumes and fire to spread quickly and wreak havoc in different compartments within your building. Fortunately, skilled technicians can help you fix this issue by replacing your doors with high-quality ones guaranteed to facilitate fire and smoke containment.

4. Improper signage

Signs are an integral part of fire doors. They serve one primary function: to create awareness. For instance, you can discourage tenants from propping open fire doors at all times by sticking signage with "keep fire door shut" or "fire door, stay clear" on it. Generally, fire door signage is essential in encouraging specific behavior that may save lives and property in an emergency.

Hire Fire Door Inspection Services 

Although most fire door issues are obvious, some are harder to detect. You can ensure those installed in your building are in good working order and guaranteed to save lives by letting experts inspect them. Fire door inspection companies provide skilled professionals who thoroughly check everything, including the door's assembly, smoke seals, glazing, and ironmongery. That way, you can rest assured that your building is safe for tenants at the end of the day.


22 February 2022

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