The Top 4 Benefits Of Using A UV Flat Bed Printer

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The technology used to print images and write on surfaces has gone through many changes over the past few decades, and UV flatbed printers are an advancement in this technology. This type of printer uses non-contact techniques to create images on flat surfaces. It contains a special ink sensitive to UV rays and has a short curing time. The result is a high-speed printing process, a high turnover, and an excellent investment when you are in the manufacturing industry and need large-scale packaging branding. Here are the top four benefits of using the technology. 

You Get a Fast Turnaround

The speed of the printing process is one of the top benefits to expect from these printers. The setup contains UV light which reacts with the ink and makes it polymerize almost instantly. Therefore, you do not have to leave the printed items out to dry before folding or packaging them. With these printers, you get a product that is ready to use immediately after printing. Thanks to the shortened overall production time, the high-speed process could set you aside from your competitors if you are in mass production. Fast turn-round is also good for the bottom line. 

The Method is Flexible

The flatbed machines are more flexible than the regular solvent ink printers because they make it possible to print a wide variety of packaging materials. With the printer, you will have an easy time creating images over acrylic, ABS plastic, foam, and other materials. This is an advantage when dealing with large-scale production processes because it does not limit the materials you can use to package your goods. You can choose the option that preserves the product in excellent condition without worrying about branding complications. 

The Image Quality is Excellent

The quality of the image printed using this machinery is excellent. The ink used has smaller particles than the regular alternatives and does not leave stains after absorption into the material you are branding. The resulting words or images have a sharper definition and are easier to decipher. Consumers love brands with high-quality images as part of their branding because it shows professionalism and sophistication. In the end, your printer will help you improve your product market share.

These are a few of the benefits you get from the UV printer. You can invest in grand format flatbed printers for your production process if you want superior quality branding at an affordable rate.  

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31 May 2022

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