3 Easy Ways To Improve VoIP Call Quality

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More and more businesses are choosing to rely on voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) to meet their communication needs. VoIP systems don't require any specialized hardware devices. You can simply use your network connection to place and receive calls. 

Unfortunately, the fact that VoIP communications take place entirely through an Internet connection means that the call quality can suffer at times. Don't despair, there are some simple things that you can do to help improve your VoIP call quality in the future.

1. Invest in a Jitter Buffer

One of the issues that can compromise VoIP call quality is jitter. Jitter is a term used to describe a situation where the voice packets transmitted via a VoIP connection arrive out of order.

Jitter makes it difficult to understand the transmitted audio and prevents you from effectively communicating with your customers and vendors. A jitter buffer can be installed to prevent jitter from compromising your VoIP call quality.

A jitter buffer is designed to briefly store and organize voice packets before sending them to your headset. This eliminates any disruption and ensures that you will be able to understand each call you receive.

2. Purchase an Assured Contention Ratio

Contention ratio is another factor that can determine VoIP call quality. The contention ratio measures the difference between the bandwidth available on a network and the maximum demand for service.

The more you have to compete with other users on your network who may be streaming videos or playing online games, the less bandwidth will be available to complete your VoIP calls. Call quality suffers as a result of bandwidth loss.

Purchase an assured contention ratio from your service provider to prevent the competition for bandwidth from compromising your company's communications in the future.

3. Buy a New Headset

It can be easy to overlook the simplest answer when trying to improve your VoIP call quality and focus on high-tech solutions instead. In reality, many of the issues you may be experiencing with your VoIP audio could be caused by a faulty headset.

Cheap and aging headsets typically have thin insulation around connecting cables. Poor insulation can severely compromise audio quality. Buy a new headset with short, insulated cables. Monitor the condition of the cables and replace them when they begin to show signs of wear.

If you have employees who will be using your VoIP connection from home, be sure that they are equipped with the right headsets to maximize the efficiency and quality of your communications.

Contact a local tech service to learn more about your business's voice over IP system. 


27 July 2022

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