When Employees Strike: How To Handle The Stressful Situation The Right Way

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If workers are planning to strike because they've got a long list of issues they're dealing with in the office, you're probably worrying about what will happen with the business while they're not working. You need to have workers show up to the office to help perform different tasks and help out the clients each day, but what will you do if the people who normally do the work aren't available because they're striking? You'll have to take action to ensure your business doesn't suffer because of the strike, but you'll need to hear your workers out as well.

Hire Temporary Workers From a Strike Staffing Company

Start by getting in contact with a strike staffing company. You cannot risk not having workers and shutting the doors of your business down for days on end because people refuse to work.  It's not that you're trying to find replacements for the workers who have already helped your business grow, but it's simply not good for business to not have anyone doing their jobs.

Instead of taking risks, losing profit, and closing those doors down for an extended period, have workers come into the office to fill in for the workers who are participating in the strike. These workers have experience. The company sends out workers who are the right fit for the jobs you currently have available.

Sit Down and Have a Discussion With Your Employees

The employees are striking for a reason. These people may have worked hard to help out your business in a number of ways, so it's important for you to hear them out and try to work things out as best as you can. There are a lot of different reasons they may have decided to plan out a strike together. Some of the most common reasons strikes occur in the first place are:

  • Employees aren't satisfied with what they're earning for the work they do
  • Employees don't feel like they're receiving incentives for the hard work they complete
  • Employees believe unfair situations are taking place in the office
  • They're not happy with management
  • They feel like their voices aren't being heard at all

You'll need to find out if these are some of the reasons your employees have decided to strike. When you have been told the reasons by those who are striking, you can focus on making an agreement with the employees and trying harder to make them feel like they're appreciated in the office. You have to respect and care for your employees or they're not going to want to work for you and then your business truly will suffer.

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16 October 2017

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