Signs That It's Time For Elevator Repair

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People rely on elevators to transport them to different floors in multi-story buildings safely. If an elevator experiences a problem, it can have disastrous results. In fact, there are many elevator-related injuries in the United States each year. In order to prevent tragedy, you should be diligent about getting elevator repairs. Here are some reasons you should get elevator repair. 

Funny Noises

Elevators make a certain amount of noise during regular operation. When noises coming from the elevator get noticeably higher, it indicates that certain components may be loose. You'll want to get these components tightened before they become disconnected. 

Abrupt Stops 

Nobody likes when an elevator comes to an abrupt stop. Elevators have brakes, similar to cars, that stop the elevator at the desired location. Sometimes, the elevator will stop abruptly, which is a sign that the brakes need treatment. Sometimes you can lube the brakes to make them run smoothly again. Alternatively, you may need to replace the brakes. 

Long Waits 

Time is money, so it can be frustrating when elevators take a long time to reach their destination. Long wait times may mean that the cables and pulleys are starting to wear down. If these components wear down enough, it can lead to broken cables. 


When properly maintained, an elevator can last 20 - 30 years. Once your elevator reaches its life expectancy, you should anticipate repairs, even if the elevator is gently used. Different elevator parts have different life expectancies, so you may need to replace different parts instead of replacing everything all at once.

You can get regular preventative maintenance for your elevator to ensure that it reaches its life expectancy. During the maintenance appointment, a technician will inspect your elevator and all of its components before cleaning them. Removing debris on the components can make the elevator run more smoothly, and it can allow the elevator to last longer. 

Compliance Updates 

Every area has very detailed regulations regarding both residential and commercial elevators. Even if your elevator meets code now, it may not meet new codes that come out. You'll need to get repairs in order to bring your elevator back into code. If your elevator is not in code, it can leave you vulnerable to lawsuits in the case of an accident. 

Every property owner has a responsibility to maintain and repair elevators in their building as needed. If you are receiving complaints, get elevator repair today. 

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28 June 2023

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