3 Tips For Job-Seeking After Graduate Study

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Whether you are planning to head out into the job force or pursue post-doc work after graduate school, the way you highlight your accomplishments can help or hurt your chances. Having a stellar curriculum vitae (CV) is among several strategies to help you along the way.

Invest In CV Help

A CV is different than a traditional resume because it highlights your education and research credentials. It is important to invest in help to cultivate a CV that will not only highlight your work, but set you apart from other applicants. Although there are many companies that help with resumes and CVs, you want to choose companies that have experience working with people who have similar goals as yours. For example, if your goal is to apply for open faculty positions or post-doctorate study, someone who only has experience working with people applying to corporate or executive positions may not work as well. It is also important to have discussions with the person helping you with your CV. This can occur via email, video chat, or phone. They need to know more about you than your education to determine the right style and information that will show the people reviewing your CV what makes you unique from other applicants.

Consider A Website

It is common for grad students to have their own website, which can be useful for networking and pursing a career after grad school. Ideally, you will want to purchase a domain name that matches your professional name. Since you are unlikely to change your name, you can keep this domain indefinitely. Use your website as a virtual CV where you can upload your current information and easily make modifications. If you have research experience, presented at conferences, and/or have publications, you can quickly add this information over the lifespan of your graduate and professional career. It is also helpful to have business cards printed that have your website, so you can easily hand them out at conferences and business functions.

Bulk Up Your Experiences

If you have not yet graduated, it is often easier to find activities to add bulk to your CV. For example, you might join professional associations as a student member so you have access to professionals in your field and continuing education opportunities. Even if your graduate program is not research-driven, look for opportunities across campus that would allow you to become a research assistant. The principal investigator (PI) on the research study might allow your name to be on the publication of the study if you have significant contributions to their research. Even if you have graduated, do not be afraid to go back to your old college or talk to professors at other colleges to find experiential opportunities.

Looking for careers or post-doc work can have unique challenges because you need more than a good work history. Use a combination of strategies to showcase your talent and find opportunities in your field. For more guidance, reach out to companies like Arizona Resume.


24 January 2018

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