Buy These Earrings If Your Favorite Vacation Destination Is The Beach

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One of the fun things about shopping for jewelry is that you can often choose designs that are in alignment with your personality. Upon thinking about the things that you love and compiling a short list, you'll often be able to find jewelry that suits these topics. If you're in need of some new earrings and there are few things that you enjoy more than vacationing on a beach, you're likely to find some appealing pieces of jewelry — many jewelry stores, including those with e-commerce platforms, sell earrings that are in alignment with this topic. Here are some earrings to think about buying if you're a beach lover.

Sand Dollars

One of the things that can be fun about visiting the beach is scouring the sand in hopes of finding a sand dollar. This type of flat urchin often washes up onto the sand, and some people enjoy collecting them. You'll often be able to find sand dollar earrings, which may be available in different styles. Sometimes, you'll find dangling earrings with small sand dollar–shaped pieces, or you may be more interested in stud-style earrings that are shaped like tiny sand dollars. Silver and gold hues are common for both of these types of jewelry.

Ocean Waves

Another symbol that reflects the beach theme is that of an ocean wave. Watching the waves from the beach is deeply relaxing, while swimming in them presents a fun challenge for those who are fitness minded. If you love the look of ocean waves, see what types of earrings you can find with this shape. You'll likely come across subtle designs — for example, a silver or stainless steel line that is shaped like a cresting wave. You might also find earrings that are more vivid, perhaps featuring shimmery blue hues that look like the ocean and remind you of days on the beach.


While it's highly likely that you've never actually seen one at the beach, a seahorse is a creature that many people associate with the ocean. You may be able to find several types of earrings that depict this example of marine life. Seahorse dangler earrings are a popular look, with the earrings featuring bright colors such as turquoise. This can be a good choice if you want earrings that other people will notice.

Think of any other beach-related images that appeal to you and look for earrings that feature them.


17 June 2020

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