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If you have never had any run-ins with the law before, then you may have found yourself suddenly needing to learn about the bail bonds process, whether for yourself or someone close to you. If this is the case, then the information that's included in the content below can be a good place for you to start learning more about bail.

What exactly is bail?

When you are arrested, you will be read your Miranda rights, have your fingerprints taken, have your mugshot taken, and be placed in the jail. You will be given a bail amount, and if you come up with this amount, then you will be released from custody and will be given a court date that you must appear for. While there are some times in which bail can be denied, in most cases a person will get bail. However, the amount of the bail can vary greatly. Your bail amount can be very high, much higher than what you may be able to scrape together. 

Luckily, there are bail bonds people who will put up the money as long as you are able to provide them with adequate collateral. They are open 24/7 too, so you can get assistance right away. There are many types of things that you would be able to use for collateral. Potential collateral can include real estate, vehicles, recreational vehicles, jewelry, art, or anything else with value and in which the value can be correctly assessed. When you use something as collateral, the bail bonds person will retain physical possession over any items where this is possible. For example, if jewelry is provided as collateral, then the jewelry will be kept secured in their possession. In exchange for providing the bail, they will charge a fee. The bail fee is generally based on a percentage of the bail amount, such as 10% of the cost of the bail. 

Why is it a good idea to bail someone out?

If you are looking for this information for someone else who is in jail, then you may be asking why it's a good idea to get them out on bail. In short, putting up the bail will get them released right away, so they don't remain in custody throughout their court dates. Getting them released quickly may prevent things like the loss of a job, exposure to dangerous situations, exposure to illnesses magnified by being in a closed-in overpopulated space, and more.

If you are in need of bail, contact a bond's agent near you for 24/7 bail bonds


30 December 2020

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