Teaching From Home? Choose The Right Copier First

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If you plan to teach your children from home, you may need a number of things to be successful, including a copier. However, you want to choose a copier that allows you to do many things at once, including print, fax, and scan your school's homeschool assignments. Below are things you can look for when choosing a copier for homeschool.


Homeschooling requires you to keep track of your kids' progress and portfolio throughout the year. To keep track of your children's progress, you may store the information online as a way to save time and space. However, your state's school officials may require you to maintain and transmit physical copies of your kids' portfolio to them in the future. In this case, you'll need a copier with multiple functions.

Multi-function copiers, or copy machines, generally come with different capabilities, such as faxing and copying. The machines may also allow you to email recipients from home via a wireless Internet system. Some copiers allow you to scan and save your information directly to your computer, which may come in handy if you receive important forms from your state. 

Along with the abilities above, the right copier should be strong and sturdy enough to keep up with your homeschooling needs.

Sturdy and Reliable

If you teach multiple grades, you need a copier that can print off large quantities of assignments at any given time. The copy machine you choose for your homeschooling needs shouldn't

  • Run out of ink quickly
  • Jam or back up easily
  • Skip pages 

In addition, your copier should able to remember things, such as your previous settings, file names, and computer system. The information allows you to move quickly from one printing assignment to the next. 

Also, choose a copier that collates or sorts your homeschool assignments. The copier may automatically come with collating or sorting features, or it may allow you to manually collate or sort your assignments through the printing process.

Finally, choose a copier that monitors your ink levels. Some copier machines or suppliers come with ink refill services that allow you to preorder ink before you run out. The service may also keep track of how much ink you use during the year. You can use the information to change or upgrade your ink usage as needed.

If you need a copier to help you manage your homeschool needs and assignments, consult a supplier soon.


29 January 2021

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