3 Reasons To Use Real-Time Captioning

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Real-time captioning uses computer software to transform your speech into typed words as soon as you speak. You can use real-time captioning in a variety of settings. You can caption your words in a meeting, presentation, or lecture. You can also use real-time captioning in an online meeting or class.  Or, you can caption a live broadcast. Here are a few reasons for you to invest in real-time captioning. 

1. Reach Everybody

When you are speaking at meetings, lectures, or any other live setting, there is a chance that not everyone can hear you. 600,000 people in the US are deaf, and many more are hard of hearing. Sitting through a meeting, class, or broadcast without captioning can be difficult for deaf or hard-of-hearing people.

You can help everyone get the most out of your meeting or broadcast when you caption it in real-time. Your words will appear on the screen as you talk, and everyone will be able to follow along. It is also easier for some people to focus on written words than it is for them to listen. Real-time captioning is great for expanding the reach of your words. 

2. People can Participate Anywhere 

Another great thing about real-time captioning is that people can watch your broadcast or online class from anywhere. Even if your listeners are in a busy or noisy location, they can follow along with the captioning and know what is going on. 

In a world that is moving faster and faster, having flexibility makes your lecture, meeting, or class more convenient for a modern employee, student, or consumer. Even if your watcher is somewhere where they can't listen to you, they can still read the real-time captions. 

3. You Don't Need to Wait 

Most online content is captioned eventually in order to reach a larger audience, and many meetings or lectures are filmed and then captioned, but this process can take weeks. Instead, you can have your content ready to go with real-time captioning. Your live broadcast can reach more people, and your content can be out there instantly for everyone to enjoy. 

Whatever content you are creating, or whatever kind of lecture or meeting you are hosting or speaking in, real-time captioning can help your audience better engage with your words and can help you reach a broader audience right off the bat. Real-time captioning is easy to use, and most providers offer affordable options.


10 June 2021

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